Optimum purified water?

It is possible with ZeroWater!

The filters are so good that even tea sommeliers recommend ZeroWater to make the perfect cup of tea. Do you want to know their opinion, please read the blogs on ZeroWater-EU.

ZeroWater removes 100% of the glyphosate that is present in your drinking water!

Watch the video for more information about the independent research of the American Health Rangere Store. The world health organization and the International Agency for Research on Cancer have also done a research on glyphosate. This research has shown that there is convincing evidence that glyphosate causes cancer in laboratory animals.


A ZeroWater filter consists of 5 different layers. Each layer has its own special operation, and jointly these layers provide the best ZeroWater filtering.

  • COARSE BASIC FILTER: Filters fine particles and sediment
  • FOAM DISTRIBUTOR distributes the water evenly over the filter for more efficient use and optimum filter capacity
  • MULTI-LAYER ACTIVE CARBON & OXIDATION REDUCTION ALLOY Filters various contaminations, particularly good on organic substances. Also reduces chloride and other heavy metals and prevents mould formation
  • IONISATION EXCHANGER Negative and positive ion exchanger removes foreign ions from the water molecules and returns these in a pure condition
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