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ZeroWater produces many different types of pitchers and waterfiltration-systems. Below you will find our current assortment. All ZeroWater products are completely BPA free. We even have a special system made out of glass with chrome detailing for a luxurious look.

These pitchers are the only ones certified to filter out lead and chromium. The filters also filter fluoride and chloride from your tapwater. This makes for the purest water experience possible.

When testing ZeroWater it became clear that the 5-stage filtration system gets more out of your water. This is because of the unique structure and combination of the different types of filters. Together with the special ion exchange resin inserted with the filter you are left with a product that is much better than the 2-stage filters. This is why water filtered by ZeroWater is a lot tastier and better for your overall health.

All pitchers and filtration systems are deliverable from stock. So order today and we will send it out immediately. Take note! Other shipping terms apply for B2B orders.